Our Tennis Academy uses an integrated approach for on-court and off court physical training, mental toughness conditioning and constructing points for tournament play. The Professional tennis and fitness training staff will work together to build each player’s game at a personal level for a noticeable improvement.

The Academy enrollment is limited and participants must play UTSA tournament levels (5 & 6), (4, 3) or (2, 1) and/or be members of their High School Varsity team. Academy selection is based on ranking /invite criteria and Staff evaluation. This level is also open to collegiate level players.


Academy Application



COACH Gabriel ( READ BIO )



Track 6 (Six hours a day)


Track 4 (Four hours a day)


Track 2 (Two hours a day)





Gabe is a very unique coach.

"Gabe is a very unique coach. I'm most impressed with his coaching style. He uses very descriptive words to make his point, such as J-motion, climbing ladder, DNA for the serve motion, infinity and figure 8 with the hips, etc... These vivid expressions create pictures in your head that help my son tremendously in his practices. In addition, Gabe has many neat teaching tools that he uses to enhance his coaching. The tools are used to pinpoint the specific error or weakness on the court so that the student sees it right in front of his eyes. This has helped my son to correct his mistakes more effectively. Thank you Gabe for your great coaching!

— J.D.

My son's ranking jumped

I have my son currently playing U-12 and entering U-14. Within a span of 3 months my son's ranking jumped from 106 to 46. We are having Coach Himanshu full-time and his tennis and fitness program is doing wonders!

— S.P.

Great to work with.

Himanshu is a significant source of growth for any tennis community. I have spent quite some time with him and over the past few years, I have seen him grow as a tennis player and especially as a tennis coach. It has been a pleasure for me to be his mentor and definitely recommend his unique teaching style for tennis player of any level. He is great to work with beginners up to professional level tennis players.

— Hugo Spratley (Master Professional PTR, Former Top 300 ATP player, ATP Tour Coach Spratley Tennis Academy, Coach at China National Team)

Provides solutions

I take lessons with Coach Himanshu for hitting and quick tips. This guy is super consistent and gives me all kinds of balls I need to practice before the tournament. It's very helpful and his quick tips are just amazing. He is very quick in providing the solution to problems that I can't figure out on my own.

— M. (USTA Men's sectional Player)

Made my game consistent

I came to coach Himanshu for fitness and nutrition as I needed to be fit to get to next level in tennis. In addition to fitness, the quick tips that he provided for my forehand and serve drastically made my game so consistent. Now I have him as an all-around coach and not just fitness.

— S.S.




Freed from the thoughts of winning, I instantly play better. I stop thinking, start feeling. My shots become a half-second quicker, my decisions become the product of instinct rather than logic.
— Andre Agassi